Random Bright Ideas

This weekend, I actually have some free time.  I think idle hands can sometimes be God’s workshop, BTW.  Quaker theologian John Woolman objected to the use of coffee, not because it was a “stimulant,” but because needing to use coffee to stay awake was generally a result of spending too much time on the world’s work and not enough time on God’s business.  But anyway…


Mr. Wired came up with this bright idea many years ago, but I still haven’t found anything wrong with it:  why not set up banks of bicycle generators and require anybody who can’t make a living doing anything else to put in at least 3 hours a day making electricity for the community in return for a decent welfare payment?  The bicycle generator has been around a long time, and probably its technology has improved somewhat over the years, as has that of the storage battery.  A few new wrinkles: prevent childhood obesity by having school kids provide power for their school while they learn? Power YMCAs and other non-profit health clubs from the stationery bicycle room? 


Also (now that I’m getting my warm-weather clothes out of storage) a new approach to women’s warm-weather clothing, combining the best features of the shalwar kameez, surgical scrubs, and the pantsuit—something cool, two-piece, modest, comfortable, and susceptible to being dressed up, dressed down, or just purely utilitarian.  Any fashion designers out there?


Jane Grey

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