Rotten to the Corsi

Our research has been unable to determine whether Jerome (“Obama Nation”) Corsi has stopped beating his wife, or whether the recent revelation on Democratic Underground that “Jerome Corsi is a necrophilic, pedophile with tendencies towards self-mutilation and cross-dressing” can be corroborated.  Corsi himself steadfastly refuses to respond to all questions addressed to him on these issues.  Nor have we yet been able to verify that Corsi has ever been Rush Limbaugh’s drug connection.  We are still attempting to track down the rumor that Corsi was involved in procuring “bimbos” for Newt Gingrich, at least one of whom became Mrs. Gingrich #3 or 4.  More recently, we are checking out with the Chinese gymnastic coaching authorities the possibility that the underage girl on their team has been Corsi’s “love interest” for at least a year.  Corsi has never denied this involvement.

Our concern is that such a person, unchecked, could do untold damage to the American people if allowed to continue unfettered in his biographical and journalistic enterprises.  To maintain the high standards of American journalism to which this blog is dedicated, we can only plead with Mr. Corsi:  come clean, Jerry.  Tell your readers what they have a right to know.

Red Emma






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