An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

A guest post from Mr. Wired:

We found the vice-presidential debate last week to be interesting and even refreshing.  We liked the respect and liking the candidates exhibited toward each other.  We were impressed by the values of the Abrahamic religions the candidates shared.  The debate left us relieved that, no matter who wins the election, the country will be in good hands.


And then we heard Governor Palin’s accusations against Senator Obama of “palling around with terrorists.”  To see someone who so publicly and emphatically espouses biblical values to stamp the Ninth Commandment into the dirt was a serious disappointment.  Governor Palin knows that the relationship between Obama and Professor William Ayres arose from common membership on the board of directors of a community organization.  She knows that Professor Ayres’ SDS days were over long before Obama was out of grade school.  But she nonetheless says “it’s an issue that’s fair to talk about.”  She has moved beyond the bounds of political civility, turning an opponent into an enemy. 


In previous elections, candidates left this kind of behavior to their “independent committees.”  For a candidate personally to engage in such personal attacks tells us that the McCain campaign is getting desperate.  Unfortunately, in the process, this behavior can only give that campaign more good reason for that desperation. 




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