Anguished Rant

The Jewish hostages in Mumbai are dead. They include a young rabbi and his wife, who are the parents of a two-year-old who got out safely and is now with his grandparents. It seems to be clear that the murders have been done by a group calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen. Can we finally stop dodging the fact that Islamic terrorists are not merely anti-Zionist but anti-Jewish? I mean, when they’re willing to go all the way to Mumbai to find Jews….? I find it annoying that the US media keeps referring to the Chabad group that sponsored the rabbi as “ultra-orthodox,” partly because anybody who actually knows anything about orthodox Judaism knows that Chabad is pretty much in the middle, as orthodoxy goes, but mostly because that seems to be a way to trivialize or even excuse their victimization—they’re not real Jews, or for that matter real people, just a bunch of fanatics getting knocked off by another bunch of fanatics.BBC seems to be implying that a counter-attack against the D. M. by Mossad advisers to the Indian army can be expected any minute now, as if to suggest that India is getting what it deserves by having treated Israel pretty much the way it treats any other nation. At the moment, I hope the Indian army is getting help from the Israelis—this is the kind of stuff the Israelis are highly competent at dealing with, and anybody in this kind of mess would have to be crazy not to consult them. Aside from which, if the terrorists are going to blame India for having normal relations with Israel, the Indians might as well at least get the benefits of what they’ve already paid for.

A couple of centuries ago, more or less, the first Zionists envisioned a Jewish state as the solution to the problem of anti-Semitism. Now, apparently, the state has become a focus of anti-Semitism, and a justification for it. Of course the Middle East has always been one of the most volatile pieces of real estate on the globe, and maybe the first Zionists should have looked elsewhere to set up their state—I dunno, maybe the Falkland Islands, site of the world’s worst weather? But even if they had gone to Antarctica, I am willing to be that the Penguin Liberation Front would be parading out in front of some Israeli consulate somewhere even as we speak.

Maybe they should just pave over the whole Middle East and turn it into a parking lot for Cyprus? Or move the Dalai Lama in to run the place—oh, I forgot, he’s thinking of retiring or dying or whatever, and besides, that would just pull the Chinese into the picture, G-d forbid.

Normally, I very strongly disbelieve in devils and demons and possession and all that stuff. But sometimes I think demonic possession is the only explanation for the extraordinary evil people occasionally do. Ruanda. The Congo. Darfur. The former Yugoslavia. The Middle East. On one hand, I am thankful that the US seems to have transcended its racial history in this year’s election. That’s my major Thanksgiving thank-You. But on the other hand….


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