Inaugural Invocation

I’m as uncomfortable as most of my friends at Obama’s choice of Rich Warren to do the inaugural invocation.  He’s not my least favorite person, and I probably wouldn’t even cross the street to avoid shaking his hand.  And these days, he’s taking some fairly decent positions.  Rumor has it that, in his new-found environmental concern, he is working on a book to be titled “The Porpoise-Driven Life.”  Nonetheless, his concerns exclude from the Kingdom of Heaven approximately 10% of the population, many of whom are close friends of mine.


So, okay, Obama has made his post-partisan statement in the religion department by choosing Warren.  But who says Warren should get to write his own invocation?  If I were writing it for him, here’s what it would say (with apologies to the writers of Hill Street Blues):


Almighty Creator and Holy Blessed One, we have found ourselves in times full of both danger and possibility.  Protect us from the danger and help us to find and fructify the possibility.  Help us to work together to come through these times.  Help us to remember that those You choose to walk beside us may not be the people we would choose.  Never let your servants, including Barack and those he has chosen to work with him, but also the rest of us, forget that we are mortal and fallible.  Thank you for the opportunities You have placed before us, and the protections you have placed around us through the mechanisms of our Constitution and laws.  Remind us to be careful out there, and let’s roll!


Peace and light to all of you.


Jane Grey

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