The Rising Price of Freedom

and Other Oddities

Just heard that Drew Peterson, alleged Bluebeard of the western Chicago suburbs, has been arrested and is being held on twenty million dollars bail.  I think that’s a record. At any rate, I googled “bail set at” and got nothing higher than a million.  Talk about inflation!

Re: language degeneration—the latest stage is the re-nouning of nouned verbs.  Like “de-accessioning,” which is what a lot of art museums are doing with stuff that’s worth more to some private collector than to the museum that owns it.  And one I just heard today—a “decisioning table.”  Many years ago, BTW, a friend of mine who worked in the IT section of some department store’s charge card division told us about doing “bonification runs,” presumably to ascertain whether charge card applications had been “bonified.” And now a major chicken perveyor (sorry, that’s purveyor) claims to be producing “bona fide” chicken tenders.  I’m just waiting for K*C to start advertising Bona Fried Chicken.

O tempura, o mori, as my favorite Asian restaurant would say.


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