Health Care Revisited Once Again

What Am I Missing This Time Dept.

The Prez came back to Chicago yesterday to present his health care program to a major set of stakeholders.  Aside from tying up traffic long enough to make me 20 minutes late for a client appointment, what he accomplished remains to be seen.  But some interesting observations come to mind:

  • NPR, at least, now feels it has to explain to its listening public that the American Medical Association is “a major group of doctors.”  This probably reflects the fact that the AMA, which was once a universally known name brand, now represents no more than 19% of practicing physicians.  Do other MSM types feel the same need to explain who they are?
  • The docs are worried about unfair competition from a government medical plan.  I find this baffling.  Aren’t most of them the same guys who believe government can’t do anything right, and government medical plans (most notably those in Canada and the UK) are a total disaster?  Why on earth would the savvy consumers in the American public choose a total disaster over the sunny vistas of today’s health care system?
  • Obama is talking about cutting Medicare costs, at the same time that he is touting Medicare as the model for the government option plan.  This also doesn’t exactly make sense.  Most people I know who have Medicare are more or less happy with it, but docs generally think it wildly undercompensates them.  OTOH, that was not a part of yesterday’s discussion at the AMA convention.


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