Mirabile Dictu

(Which is Latin for:
Holy Cr*p)

Or maybe for “who’d a thunk it?”  I’ve been wondering for weeks where these utterly loony protestors at the health care reform town hall meetings are coming from, since they seem too loony to be mere garden-variety Republicans, and too organized to be mere “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it any more” individualists.  And now maybe we find out:  http://washingtonindependent.com/55566/was-barney-franks-nazi-questioner-a-larouchie.  Lyndon LaRouche does it again!  We need to spread this before the health care reform is totally sabotaged.

Some background information:  Lyndon LaRouche – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is most of the public knowledge stuff.  The LaRouchies actually sort of got started here in Chicago, and used to have an office right down the hall from where the draft counseling agency I worked for in the early 1970s had ITS office.  What we noticed about them at the time was (a) they generated a huge amount of trash, which they rarely cleaned up, and (b) they spent a lot of time trashing leftist groups and activities.  At the time, that led a lot of us to suspect they were a CIA front.  Which in fact, like the Afghan mujahadin, they may actually have started out as, perhaps before going rogue.

But by 1986, they had gotten into the big time, at least in Illinois.  During the Democratic primary elections that year, when the regular Democrats were running Adlai Stevenson Jr. and George Sangmeister for governor and lieutenant-governor nominations, and Aurelia Pucinski for secretary of state, the LaRouchies ran Mark Fairchild for governor and Janice Hart for secretary of state, and won the primary.  Theories abounded about how it happened, but the most popular, and (I’m afraid) the most persuasive was that the voters found names like Fairchild and Hart more “American” than Sangmeister and Pucinski.  So Stevenson led a secession to a new party, the Solidarity Party, in the general election, and of course the Democrats got creamed by the largest numbers Illinois Republicans have polled in a very long time.

Given that kind of well-documented history, the LaRouchies’ current slash-and-burn techniques make perfectly good sense.  While some people still consider them to be leftist, or even some species of Democrats, they have from the very beginning done most of their damage TO the Left and the Democratic Party.  If they have any kind of ideology at all, it HAS to be right-wing.  Watch this space.

Red Emma

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