Back in the Saddle Again

Well, sort of. Mr. Wired is still in the hospital, while the various nurses and doctors and other health workers do the really old-fashioned thing and wait for nature to take its course, meanwhile trying to figure out why it’s taking so long. He’s feeling a lot better most of the time, and getting well taken care of. So I have felt okay about spending more time at the office and at home. Right now I’m doing a bunch of laundry, swigging seltzer, and toying with the idea of lunch sometime in the next hour or two. Thanks to all for your prayers and good thoughts.

So, a bunch of things that have crossed my mind in the meantime:

1) why don’t we set up a Nobel Prize in Bureaucracy, to be awarded to whoever can invent self-documentation of all legal/medical/business/governmental procedures? Such a prize definitely ought to come with a lot more than a million dollars or whatever the going rate is these days, but the system thus created ought to be compulsorily licensed to absolutely everybody. It would bring down health care costs (as the docs here have already pointed out), reform the legal system, and all kinds of other good stuff we can barely imagine. Basically, this is an IT problem, which I gather many Alexandrians are qualified to talk about. It’s a lot more important than the Y2K problem. Nu?

2) the BP blowout and its accompanying political flak. Ya gotta hand it to God’s Own Party and their Tea Partying minions, if they can make hay out of such a major malfunction of capitalism, they can do just about anything! The only conceivable equivalent would be the Pope getting mileage out of how badly the Lutherans are dealing with clergy child abuse,

3) which, as you have probably noticed, he has not succeeded in doing. It ill behooves me, of course, to be advising the Catholic Church about anything, but if I were doing their PR in the US, at least, I would be mounting a huge public campaign on behalf of undocumented aliens, many of whom are Catholic. Such a campaign would include but not be limited to: providing free secondary and university education in the Catholic school system to all undocumented young people who cannot qualify for financial aid through the conventional system; providing free or sliding-scale health care in the Catholic hospital system for undocumented aliens; providing free legal representation to undocumented aliens in the immigration machinery and the criminal courts; and working with Catholic church agencies in the home countries of such aliens to help smooth the way home for those who get deported. This would be monstrously expensive, and could put the Catholic Church on the wrong side of its major allies in the anti-abortion fight, but would at least convince the rest of us, and perhaps the Pope’s Boss, that the Pope does not believe “life” begins at conception and ends at birth.

4) Father’s Day—I’m remembering my father, ethical accountant, composer, church volunteer, super-organized person, and gentle man. I still miss him. I get a twinge of grief whenever I have to deal with a federal tax problem, because it was such fun to have an excuse to call him for a consultation and whatever else we felt like talking about. I know he believed he would be with my mother after he died, so I believe he is, even though I have absolutely no idea about the afterlife in general aside from that. About such personal theological matters, I do not reason from the particular to the general.


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