A Note to Remember

Mr. Wired has come up with another good idea (he’s also the originator of the concept of the Vestigial Virgin, but that’s another story.) He says he’s tired of hearing people complain about the deficit, and never coming up with any real ideas to reduce it. This one should appeal to all parties, and provide endless occupation to ad firms: the Deficit Note. Every year, when April 15 comes around, the taxpayer (even if s/he does not in fact owe any taxes for the year) will have the opportunity to purchase a Deficit Note, either by reducing his/her refund by a corresponding amount, or by enclosing a check. The Deficit Note, in whatever amount the citizen prefers, will constitute a five-year, five-percent loan to the government, to be applied specifically to reducing the deficit. In return, the citizen will get an honest-to-pete Note, on US Government notepaper, in presidential handwriting, laying out the specifics of the indenture, and conveying the gratitude of the United States. No more selling US debt to foreigners or even home-grown billionaires. This time the debt will be held by honest Main Street Americans, regardless of party affiliation or political ideology, who thereby demonstrate their faith in the American way of life. Ad firms can run public service ads, using the volunteered labor of entertainers from both sides of the political fence, telling us that we are all in the same boat, and it is time for us to pull together toward the salubrious shore of solvency. It worked during WWII. Let’s try it again.

Jane Grey

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