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Missing Mr. Wired

July 20, 2012

The night after Marty’s funeral, we had at least twenty people crammed into our living room.  They had come to make a minyan, and to support me with food and talk and prayer and gossip.  The last time I had seen so many people in our place was—hell, I don’t know.  Maybe that time we thought we were going to have just a quiet seder for ourselves at Passover, and then people kept asking if we were doing one, and by the time we got started, we were doing a seder for ten people.  But that was still ten, not twenty.  Last time we had twenty, we weren’t even in this apartment, we were in the one across the hall, and it was an election night party, 1968 I think, and we might even have had fifty people, I sort of remember that. (more…)