And a Happy 9/11 to You All

Scenario: an Israeli expat produces an anti-Islam film, funded by a bunch of less-than-thoughtful Jewish donors. It plays once in the US, to a mostly-empty house. Then the trailer for the film somehow finds its way onto YouTube, complete with a translation into Egyptian Arabic. Muslims all over North Africa and the Middle East take offense. They storm the US embassy in Cairo, take down the stars and stripes, and raise a black Islamic flag in its place. And the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya is attacked and burned to the ground, and the US ambassador to Libya and three members of his staff are killed while escaping the fire.

And all of this apparently takes place (except the production and first showing of the film, I guess) on September 11, Middle Eastern time.

Background: during the previous week or so, political commentators in the US have been saying that Obama is the first Democrat in decades to be perceived by the public as more trustworthy on national security than the Republicans.

The Paranoid’s Index (fill in whatever numbers you like):

___________ The number of degrees of separation between whoever put the film on YouTube and the Republican National Committee.

___________ The number of degrees of separation between the late unlamented Moammar Khaddafy’s friends and family and the guys who stormed the US consulate in Benghazi

___________ The number of nukes Obama will have to drop on Libya to avoid a Carter Moment.

___________ The odds of his doing it.

___________ The number of anti-US rioters the Libyan government will have to arrest, try, convict, and hang to prevent the nuking of Libya

___________ The number of hours within which they will have to do it

___________ The number of days before the GOP proposes a constitutional amendment moving the national election to September

___________ The number of hours before the Iranians claim the whole thing is part of the international Zionist conspiracy

___________ The number of hours before an International Zionist Conspiracy website appears on the Net

I don’t even know if You Heard It Here First.


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