Good Copt, Bad Copt?

Okay, so I was wrong about the people who made the anti-Muslim film that caused all the trouble. They weren’t Jewish, they were Copts. Apparently their purpose was to frame the Jews for insulting the Muslims in order to arouse the Christian Evangelicals against the US government. Sorry, I don’t mean to insult the Copts in general, who are probably very nice people, aside from this particular guy and his buddies, whose motivation I cannot begin to fathom.

Anyway, illustrating the old law that all consequences are unintended, the person who came out of this mess looking least commendable was, of all people, Mitt Romney, who had made the mistake of attacking Obama for apologizing to the mob that had killed US ambassador Chris Stevens. Turns out that the speech Romney was condemning had been issued the night before Stevens was killed, and had to do with events in Egypt rather than Libya. So the Carter Moment I had been nervously anticipating never happened.

Obama apparently lost a few points worth of foreign policy trustworthiness in the polls, but not enough to worry about. The election remains neck-and-neck, with Obama handicapped by being a Democrat and Romney handicapped by being wrongfooted.
Every now and then life holds pleasant surprises even for pessimists.

So let’s get back to the rest of the world. Chicago is still in the middle of a public school teachers’ strike. The head of the teachers’ union is a member of my congregation, and she looked just fine this morning, after having told the newsies last night that a settlement was in the offing. All the public school parents I know are getting to the end of their patience, so it better be.

The High Holidays are just around the corner. Because of various screwups on my computer, I have not had time to post my annual message, so here it is, guys: I forgive any of you who may have offended me this past year, and ask forgiveness of any of you that I have offended. Forgiveness is a gift to us from the Holy One. It keeps us from being trapped in the past. Anybody who doesn’t make use of it is missing out on a very good thing. Which is, actually, what seemed just about to happen in Libya last week. We have dodged a bullet. Peace and light.


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