Does Stephen Hawking Watch “The Making of…”?

We learn from various documentaries on making movies and TV programs that directors almost always do scenes in some order other that what the viewer (and probably the screenwriter) would consider chronological.  All the scenes that take place in a particular location are shot together, for instance. Or all the scenes in which a particular actor, or stunt person, or other crucial functionary, appears, who may have to get someplace else for some other production or something.  Or all the scenes that take place in a particular season, even in different years.  Then the editor gets to sort them out and put them into “chronological” order.  (Which may also not necessarily be the order originally set out in the book or play on which the screenplay is based.)

Which makes me wonder (when staying up late and watching TV movies alternating with Stephen Hawking) whether the order in which we experience events is necessarily the same as the order (or meta-order?) in which they occur Out There in Reality?

Jane Grey


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